There is no doubt that employers who provide group health insurance coverage have an easier time of attracting potential employees who are right for the jobs currently open. Depending on the quality of that group plan, it can also provide the motivation for the employee to remain with the company for a long time. Here are some of the reasons why this is the case.

Group Policies and the Scope of Coverage

Having access to group employee benefits like health insurance saves the employee a great deal of money. Even if the employer only picks up the larger share of the cost of the monthly premium, that is still a significant amount that the employee does not have to pay out of his or her wages and salary. Over the course of a year, that can amount to a tidy sum.

In addition, the group plan will likely come with lower deductibles and a wider scope of coverage. If the employee tried to obtain a plan with the same range of benefits and the same deductibles as a personal policy, the cost would be considerable more. The peace of mind that comes with having higher quality health insurance is a major reason for sticking with an employer.

Why Keeping Employees Matters

Providing reasonable benefits pays off for employers in the form of keeping valued employees for many more years. The fact is that bringing in someone new and investing the time and money needed to bring them up to speed can be significant. When the company has a constant influx of new people coming in to fill positions recently vacated by individuals who found jobs with more benefits, that can add up to a lot of resources spent on training and not receiving much in return.


The right type of health coverage will benefit everyone involved. Employees can rest easy knowing that they have decent coverage when and if it is needed. They are also more likely to appreciate the fact that the employer is willing to provide that peace of mind by means of providing the coverage. Employers will enjoy a lower rate of employee turnover, making it much easier to benefit from the ongoing contributions that long-time employees make to the organization.